Book 1: 
Counting, Adding & Subtracting

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Book 1 contains 91 lessons designed to be the first year curriculum of a Special Education math program:

Counting and Sets. Develops the ability to count orally, to recognize the numbers and write them in order, and to understand the concept of quantity. The 17 counting lessons were designed expressly for students who have not learned the numbers and their sequence from the standard introductions of sets and numbers.

Addition and Subtraction. The student learns addition and subtraction as a counting process, first using manipulatives and a vertical numberline, then using his fingers to keep track of the second element in the equation, and finally preparing to derive the facts mentally. A series of lessons teaches him to watch + and - signs.

Picture Problem Solving. Picture Problem lessons teach students, by degrees, to write addition and subtraction equations from illustrations and to illustrate given equations.

Other First Grade Skills. Special Education approaches to column addition, telling time, counting coins, ordinals, greater/lesser relationships, and missing addends.  

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