Book 2
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Book 2 contains 166 lessons designed to be the second year curriculum of a special education math program:  

Addition and subtraction facts are organized and taught by families to facilitate the rapid derivation (without aids) of most-of the facts. Thus reliance on memory is minimized.

Place value is taught in 21 lessons which will help even the slowest student to discover and thus really understand the underlying principles. For example, several lessons are designed to help him discover that "32," e.g., stands both for 32 ones and for 3 tens and 2 ones.

Problem solving skills are taught in such a way that reading is not required. Standardized illustrations of situations calling for addition or subtraction are used. The student is taught to distinguish addition from subtraction throughout as he learns to (1) write equations given such illustrations; (2) draw illustrations given simple noun problems in equation form (e.g., 5 hats + 3 hats =___) and (3) cope with problems involving quantities which are too large to visualize.

Telling time by 5 minute intervals and counting money (coins) are taught in small steps designed to avoid a multitude pitfalls commonly encountered.

Subtraction receives special treatment throughout. The student is taught an alternate way to derive subtraction facts (by counting up) which is more appropriate when differences are small (e.g., 12 - 9). He practices all the subtraction facts in the context of two-place subtraction by learning that examples of the type 129 - 87 require special treatment (but not regrouping). And he learns that subtraction encompasses many situations beyond simple take-away.

In a number of lessons the student is primed for multiplication.  Early on he practices counting by 5s and 10s and keeps running subtotals as arrays are counted a row at a time. Finally he is introduced to a variety of increasingly refined ways to derive multiplication tables.

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